Homeworkable works on

  • iPhone 5 or above
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Late this year there will be an Android app, and a web browser version

The content covers

  • Math, Science, and English
  • Grades 3 through 8

We focus on finding the best explanations of confusing concepts. Sometimes the websites and videos are pretty, and sometimes they're not. What we look for is whether they are:

  • Clear
  • Accurate
  • Brief

So that you can understand the concept and explain it to your child. 

You can Google your way to an answer. But sometimes that means looking at 3 or 4 different resources, and trying to figure out which one is best.


Or you can just use Homeworkable. We get busy parents answers they can trust. Fast. 

Here's how it works

1. One tap away.  Just enter a few search terms, and tap the magnifying glass for clear, accurate, and brief answers to homework's most challenging topics. Tap the camera button to save that flyer or other printed document.

2. Pick a resource, any resource. A list of online resources including videos and webpages will appear. Tap a resource to see the content, and assign it to your child. They'll then see it on their Task list in the app. 

3. View the content - the app will then take you to to the video or webpage you've chosen

4. Did he do it?  See whether your child has viewed their Assigned content. Send them a Reminder if they haven't, or a Congrats if they have. Assign points to each Task that can be redeemed for Rewards. Add other Tasks, like mowing the lawn or doing the dishes.

5. Sprinkles on that?  Track what your child has completed and reward them - maybe with some 1-on-1 time with you, or a trip to the frozen yogurt store.

6. Always find that flyer.  All those random pieces of paper that come home from school- snap a photo of that Science Fair flyer or field trip permission slip before they got lost. Everything's organized by child. And like all the information on Homeworkable, all saved documents are accessible from multiple devices: your phone, your spouse's iPad, and your son's iPod Touch.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does Homeworkable cost?

The monthly subscription fee is $4.99.  But you get a 30-day free trial to decide if you like it. You can cancel at any time

  •  What is included in the monthly subscription?

You'll be able to log into Homeworkable through our mobile app.  You can have up to 5 users linked to a single subscription, so each person in the family can have their own separate "view" within the app. And you can access all the data in the app from multiple devices.

  • Why is this service better than just Googling my way to an answer?

Our curators scan the web to find the most clear, accurate, and brief explanations of tricky homework concepts, so you don't have to. There's plenty of content on the web, but some of it is inaccurate or contradictory. Our customers like the idea of tutoring their kids with content they know is right.

  • What types of devices can use the mobile app?

The app currently works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  We plan to introduce an Android app and a browser-based (website) version later this year.

  • Can I access all my data from multiple devices?

Yes. So the task you created on your phone, the flyer your son took a picture of using his phone, and the search history he accumulates on the iPad will all be viewable on all of those devices. The only restriction is that to access the master Parent account, you'll need to use the same AppleID on each device. For Child usernames, however, you can use devices that have different AppleIDs.

  • Is there more to Homeworkable than just the content search feature?

Yes. You can:

  1. Assign content to your child to encourage self-directed learning after the homework's been turned in
  2. Set up points to reward them when they do.
  3. Set up other tasks that can earn points - like mowing the lawn - and give rewards for those.
  4. When end-of-term testing comes around, you can look at your search history and assigned content to review with your child the concepts they struggled with most.
  5. Take a picture of that science fair flyer or field trip permission slip before it gets lost, organized by each kid's name.
  6. All of this information is available across your devices. So you can create a task or snap a photo of a flyer, and your spouse and kids can see it on their phone or tablet.
  •  What subjects and grades are covered?

We cover Math, Science, and English for grades 3 through 8. More topics and grades will be added by the end of this year.

  • Is Homeworkable just for parents, or for kids also?

It's for both parents and kids.  We expect that in elementary school and junior high, parents will be the primary users as they work directly with their kids on homework.  But by the end of junior high and into high school, we expect kids to use it more on their own than with their parents.  Each subscription allows up to 5 users, so each member of the family can have his or her own login.